Happy New Year 2012!


2011 was a ok year for Celi Photography .So I am going to make a lot of career oriented goals this time around to make 2012 a fantastic year!

  I’m typically a very private person and like to keep my  personal business my personal business. However, one of my resolutions this year is to blog more. SOooo this may cause me to open up a little bit more in order for me achieve my 2012 goals.

1. Self improvement:

Better quality time with every individual in my family. Make small realistic goals to propel forward. Learn, educate, and teach!@ The best way to learn is to teach.

2. Get out more and network with people :

This is often hard for me to do since I have 2 young boys and a husband that I like to be at home with in the evenings.

3. Follow up system:

I have been meaning to become better at following up with ALL my clients. I enjoy the clients that I photograph so much and am always happy to hear from them as their family grows. I enjoy seeing the little people that they create. LOL! Little bundles of joy.  I really enjoy receiving those fun holiday cards for Christmas. Especially  when I was the one who had the privilege of photographing them. I know that I want MORE holiday cards for 2012 soooo in order to make that happen  I need to photograph more family photos.

4. Blog more:

Blog more and love it.  I must admit It is always nice to look back at what I have written.

I am going to make a effort to contact 5 owners of my most admired blogs.