Deavine Quinceanera @ Monte Maria Salon and portraits in Coronado

I photographed this local Chula Vista  Quinceañera in early 2015. I arrived early at the Chula Vista residence while the quince and her friends were getting ready for the quince festivities. I causally snapped photos to document the day from the beginning . I took Deavine right out side  her home and saw some nice greenery that made a nice backdrop for some nice portraits.

The limo arrived and scoped everyone up, for a nice limo ride through out San Diego.  Our 1st destination for  photos was Glorietta Bay in Coronado or a.k.a the Coronado Ferry landing.  I love this location, it is always a great place for spectacular photos.  Photos at the Ferry landing went smooth and I felt good about capturing images that the quinceanera & her family  would love.

After Coronado we crossed over the bridge and headed to the nearest Starbucks.

How time flies when your having fun taking photos! It was already time for the quinceanera  reception at the Monte Maria Salon, located on 3rd Ave, Chula Vista.

Deavine’s quinceara theme was Coco Chanel. So the fiesta hall was all jazzed up in really fancy Coco Chanel props.  She had an AMAZING Coco Chanel candy bar that included an Eiffel Tower!

Deavines mom, Gloria hired Mariachi Real,  an awesome mariachi quartet. Mariachi Real included some eye candy for the girls. They girls were thanking Gloria for the handsome Mariachi singer who was serenading the girls at the head table.